C. David DeBenedetti, partner in DMS on changes on the legal services market related to new technologies in an interview given to a Spanish journal "Expansión”

C. David DeBenedetti, attorney of the State of New York and DMS partner gave an interview to a Spanish journal "Expansión”. In his conversation with Victor Moreno, he touched on the changes on the market of legal services that occurred as a result of development of new technologies and said that DMS attempts to fully adjust to these new conditions. Based on the analysis of the M&A market in Poland and internationally in recent years, C. David DeBenedetti guaranties that despite a drop in investments in Poland, the M&A market will continue to grow while DMS, as a member of Globalaw, expects intensified work in this area.

The full text of the interview published on March 11, 2019 can be found on the website of "Expansión”.