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DMS offers a broad scope of insurance advisory services to reinsurance companies and insurance companies, as well as their shareholders and clients. The experience of our associates and Partners guarantees the highest level of services in this field.

Relevant summaries of projects

  • providing legal advisory services in the scope of merging several domestic insurance companies and portfolio transfers,
  • advising on restructuring the insurance operations of a recognized insurance company by merging two domestic non-life insurance companies, resulting in creating a strong European brand,
  • advising on the merger of domestic insurance companies,
  • assisting with the acquisition by an insurance group of two companies – owners of commercial real estate,
  • carrying out a merger of two insurance companies – acquiring shares in a newly established company by a leading European insurance group (one of the market leaders in CEE);
  • acquiring a life insurance company’s portfolio by one of the leading insurance groups acting on the Polish market,
  • acquiring majority stakes of shares and control over seven domestic insurance companies and one foreign insurance company, including drafting due diligence reports of insurance companies,
  • advising on carrying out insurance activity,
  • advising insurance companies in relation to the conduct of agents and insurance company associates,
  • representing an insurance company in disputes with its clients concerning the refusal to pay compensation,
  • representing clients of an insurance company specializing in insuring trade receivables in a case concerning the payment of compensation,
  • advising a client in a dispute with insurance companies in the scope of property insurance,
  • representing clients in courts in relation to the performance of life and property insurance contracts on behalf of insurance companies,
  • representing insurance companies in procedures before the insurance supervisory authorities, including in the scope of granting consents for the appointment of members of the management board, administrative penalties and the rules of vehicle loss adjustment,
  • representing entities from a well-recognized international capital group dealing with insurance and pension funds,
  • representing insurance companies in procedures in front of the Insurance Supervisory Authority,
  • providing legal advisory services in the scope of insurance loss adjustment,
  • providing legal advisory services in the scope of settlements with insurance brokers,
  • representing clients in civil and criminal procedures related to insurance activity.


Dariusz Szcześniak
tel.: +48223395400

Awards and recommendations

Legal 500 recommendation in the scope of a transaction to acquire a portfolio of life insurance and restructuring of insurance activity
2011 Insurance Law Firm of the Year in Poland
2013 Insurance & Reinsurance Law Firm of the Year in Poland